Madison Cawthorn, freshman representative from North Carolina, says he wouldn’t want to take up arms…

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But, he hinted, if the “voter fraud” remains as bad as it was in 2020, then some people just may be tempted to do so.

Here are his exact words:

Cawthorn continued to spread lies about the election during a Republican event in his home state on Sunday. At one…

The rhetoric of right wing media and politicians is literally killing our fellow citizens

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Have you ever driven past a graveyard and asked yourself how many people lying in rest there died because they were lied to by big business or politicians?

To be honest, I never have, either. After reading an article today about Caleb Wallace, a self-proclaimed “Freedom Defender” against mask restrictions…

It was a special moment for I was beginning to think they didn’t really exist!

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I don’t know many Karens to be honest, but I know women like them. Recently, one lashed out at me in all of the glory and all of the raging-angst of the countless YouTube videos. …

Everything our society suffers from today was preventable yesterday

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Residents of Missouri have seen COVID infection rates go up by 560% in the past month. People are now scrambling to get vaccinated because friends and family members are suffer. Many of these people formerly didn’t believe in COVID — or, the “science of it.” …

Views and reads since August have dropped to levels not seen since December 2020 despite adding nearly a thousand followers

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They can pretend that it’s not happening but it is. Medium has made a concerted, behind the scenes, effort to deemphasize political writing.

I began actively writing a year ago and while my choice of topics at first was quite varied, it was my love for politics that led me…

What would America be like if more rural folks had access to good science museums?

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If you look at a 12-inch ruler and lay one strand of hair onto it, the width of the hair symbolizes how long humans have been on earth. The beginning of the ruler is the Big Bang.

While in New York’s Museum of Natural History the other day, I couldn’t…

The retreat of retail has changed our lives in ways many don’t realize

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Standing in line this morning at a Manhattan Starbucks, I noticed how about forty coffees had accumulated near the “pick up” area. Another woman and I waited to place an order the “old fashioned” way. In the past, there might be twenty people waiting to order in such a manner.

It does me

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Last night, a young man was killed by a gun and a middle-aged man is in critical condition. They were in a parking lot at a Walmart in a very typical neighbor, meaning one not known for gun violence — perhaps, actually, that makes it “not-so-typical” these days.

Purple mountains…

Less informed, angrier and more divided than ever in our history, what do the next 25 years old for the USA?

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Launched in the wee hours of October 9, 1996. It was an America before 9/11. It was an America that never would have allowed a Trump to seize our voice. …

Compelled to unburden my thoughts, whether someone reads them or not is not always the main reason I am here

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If you write then you are a writer. If you are a writer then you might know the feelings of anxiety I feel when a day — a day, not…

B Kean

The past holds the answers to today’s problems. “Be curious, not judgmental,” at least until you have all the facts. Think and stop watching cable news.

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