Yet Another Opportunity to Arrest Black Folks: When They Knock on Doors

Didn’t that state representative know that a black hand on a white racists door would end badly?

You really can’t make this shit up, people. Park Canon, a Democrat, and Black, state representative, from Georgia, was concerned about a law. The signed law was going to make it greatly more difficult for Blacks to vote. Knowing the governor was at the moment signing it in his office, she decided to knock on the door.

Before her, however, stood a white, Trumpist cop — I don’t know his political allegiance for sure, but I am willing to bet my two cats that a white state trooper in Georgia loves Trump — and behind her stood two more troopers. Ms. Cannon and the trooper in front of the door exchanged some inaudible small talk; and then, she stepped forward and gently, but confidently, knocked. In less than a minute, she was in handcuffs.

Now, let’s get the obvious here out of the way: if she had been any color other than black, those handcuffs would have remained latched to the troopers belt. Seeing a Black woman before him, regardless of her elected status — which is actually something that racists resent! — he no longer sees black; rather, he sees green. He had a green light to behave however he wanted, and with glee in his heart, he arrested the “uppity” woman.

“How dare she try to use her power over a white southern man,” you might be thinking — but probably not.

Don’t get me wrong, please. I know that not all southern men think the way I am describing here; but like I said, I am ready to lose a lot if my stereotype of this individual policeman is off.

Many in the state of Georgia didn’t like that they couldn’t muster up enough votes for Trump in his bid for reelection. It was an embarrassment that so many Black citizens were able to actually get their votes legally counted. The Republican cries of voter fraud, may actually be valid in Georgia. After all, they did everything they could to ensure the Black vote would be undercounted; and yet still, somehow waves of Black voters, the very same ones who had been prevented from making Stacy Abrams the governor, were able to not only cast votes but to get them counted. This surely means that somebody was doing something sneaky to get those suppressed votes into the system for Biden, right?

“I know I put ten boxes of those there Black votes into the back of my El Camino. Somebody’s been up to some funny business. Now those votes are gittin’ counted.”

Kemp’s victory was the result of a stolen election; and yet, Democrats still govern; they don’t show up with guns, and try to take state over; they still, maybe foolishly, try to win fairly by proposing policies, and programs, Americans want and need. The Democrats are patriots. The Republicans so laser-focused on dismantling American democracy that nothing is too extreme, nothing won’t be tried.

It wasn’t too long ago when armed militia practically took over the Michigan state house. Let’s remember what happened to those whites guys that day: nothing. They were exercising their First and Second Amendment rights. A couple of those guys were later arrested for plotting to kidnap, and murder, the Michigan governor. Do you remember the reaction of many on the right to January 6th?

Blacks in Georgia voted legally, exercising their Constitutional right to vote. A southern state, however, was lost by Trump, making it necessary to understand why Republican suppression efforts fell so short? The post-election analysis determined that too many Blacks were voting; and, they were voting because they were feeling too comfortable as American citizens on par with their white counterparts.

The White Georgians in power, however, wanted to make sure such an election debacle never happened again, and so they passed “that law.”

The lesson is a simple one: If you are Black, and reside in America, be careful on whose door you knock.

A writer, a father and a student of history, the past holds the answers to today’s problems. “Be curious, not judgmental,” at least until you have all the facts

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