Yes you are a trump supporter. Thin-skinned and angry. Nothing I asked to "Janet" was insulting--absolutely, nothing--and never once did she get as insulted as you seem to be. And herein lies, the disease of trumpism. The inability to see anything beyond the ramblings of that very sick man. I am from Freehold, by the way so I know where you are from and I know the kind of Trumpists in those areas.

When one poses questions to trumpists that provoke thought , feathers get ruffled.

As to your pendulum swing from Obama to trump, well, good luck dealing with this indecision--that's like switching from beer to cocktails with umbrellas at mid-life. One cannot be "ultra liberal" and a trump supporter--unless you are from the cult of Bernie supporters who chose to punish the democrats for putting forth HRC.

Post-grad degree means nothing here--most of the elected officials in the GOP are Ivy-educated although they sell themselves off as being "anti-establishment." I would be willing to be you watch a lot of Fox or listen to rightwing talk radio. Something you began doing during the Obama years because you felt he was "changing" things fast enough--the fact that the entirety of the GOP obstructed means nothing to you. Probably the Tea Party struck you as "real patriots," also. Anyway, I am not here to argue with YOU. You are entitled to your opinion and I don't find you insulting. You ilk I actually understand better than the Janets. And for every reason you want to tell me why trump is divine, I can easily explain to you why this is wrong not emotionally but factually and historically--but all this will do is anger you because inconvenient truths are FAKE NEWS in your world. Good luck, Mr. Rosca.

If you did not think, I was an asshole before this response, you will think so now and I don't care. You support Trump and honestly, that means that your ability to judge good in people is hindered. I served my country for 6 years and never did I do so to permit a Trump to do what he did to our great nation. As a holder of a post-graduate degree, use your penchant for intellectual curiosity and brush up on history and civics. Trust me, the truth will lead you away from the Trump.

A writer, a father and a student of history, the past holds the answers to today’s problems. “Be curious, not judgmental,” at least until you have all the facts

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