Ultimate Slight in Modern America: The Messed Up Drive-Thru Order

How many times do we hear about crazy s*** happening at fast-food drive-thrus?

B Kean


Photo by Robert Penaloza on Unsplash

The Utah police just released a video of a 4-year-old firing shooting at them from inside a car. The boy’s father, the driver, had been just extracted from the vehicle and the police put him into handcuffs. The incident happened in February at a fast-food drive-thru.

The restaurant seemingly confused the man’s order so he reacted in a way that is becoming sadly quite natural these days: He pulled out a gun and waved it at the workers. “Give me more ketchup or else I’ll shoot.” ( I made this quote up, by the way.)

The waving of the gun at the underpaid fast food worker is not even the saddest part of this whole story. The 27-year-old father actually commanded his 4-year-old son to shoot at the police and the little boy complied.

To have an adult think it is okay to encourage a [4]-year-old to pull a firearm and shoot at police illustrates how out of hand the campaign against police has gotten,” Sheriff Rosie Rivera said in a February statement after the incident. “This needs to stop and we need to come together as a community to find solutions to the challenges we face in our neighborhoods. Officers are here to protect and serve and we are beyond belief that something like [this] could happen (Video Show Utah Child).”

This story, folks, is not about our gun-crazy society, though. It’s not about the Mad-Max-ification of our society. It’s about how out of their minds people get when waiting in a fast-food drive-thru lines.

I’m hungry

We all see them. The long lines of 20, 30, and sometimes even more cars crawling slowly forward at the fast-food drive-thrus. These lines of cars are a snapshot of what ails us today.

Ridiculously large cars with two large humans sit behind closed and tinted windows. They are waiting.

In another car, with a barely-functioning AC, sits a family of five looking forward to a not-so-healthy meal that they think is actually a better economic choice than eating at home. $30 or so will be spent on the burgers, fries, Cokes, and an assortment of other “sweet…



B Kean

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