Ukraine Finally Gets Patriot Missile System

Russia’s response to this news will be — ah, who cares?!

B Kean


Photo by Alex Motoc on Unsplash

What will Moscow think? Let’s all thrust the middle finger into the air: who cares?

Maybe it’s not a rational reaction and maybe it is true that I am a “dolt,” as one not-so-bright reader recently called me because I had a hearty belly laugh over Russia’s collapsing society.

Maybe, we should care what Moscow’s response will be to the news today that the U.S. is about to approve sending a Patriot missile defense system but to be honest, f*** ’em. I am fed up with what Moscow cares about today because tomorrow it will be something entirely different.

I apologize for the brashness but as each day passes and more missiles land in Ukraine, more civilians find themselves living in cold, dark conditions. Each time we, the collective West, hold back a bit, Putin’s machine of death remains operational — it doesn’t get stronger, it just lives to kill another day.

The approval is likely to come later this week and could be announced as early as Thursday, said three officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the decision is not final and has not been made public. Two of the officials said the Patriot will come from Pentagon stocks and be moved from another country overseas (U.S. Poised to Approve).

The Patriot missile battery is one of the most effective air defense systems in use and one of the most battle-tested.

While initially designed as an antiaircraft system, newer Patriot variants can engage ballistic and cruise missiles, loitering munitions, and aircraft. A typical Patriot battery includes a radar set, engagement control station, power generation, other support vehicles, and several launch stations. 18 countries currently operate Patriot (Missile Threat).

The Patriot missile system will serve not only to increase the overall security of Ukraine against Russia’s incessant missile attacks but it also provides a morale boost. One of the most advanced systems in the world, Ukrainians soldiers will need to be trained to use the battery which increases skill sets for the army.

The addition of the Patriot system would be a significant boost to Ukraine’s…



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