The Ghost of Voter Fraud

While most Republican candidates blame Trump, voters are blaming rigged elections

B Kean


Photo by Thalia Ruiz on Unsplash

Except for a few extreme types like Kari Lake, who ran for governor on the Republican ticket in Arizona, I have not heard many Republicans who lost blaming voter fraud as the cause.

The “establishment” seems to have accepted there were bigger problems than just the ghosts shuffling around in the attic.

Throughout the Republican world, and in the Republican Information Complex, screeching and shocked voices are consistently blaming Donald Trump. Some hardcore extremists, however, are working diligently to protect their generalissimo.

In response to the backlash against Trump, some far-right influencers rushed quickly to argue that his sway over voters remains as powerful as before. Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” broadcast to claim that people who blame Trump have a “lazy, pathetic, wimpy, easy mindset (MAGA Internet In Meltdown). .”

The demon seed, Tucker Carlson, however, uniquely blamed the “giant media filter” that distorts the Republican message as the cause. This is a rather interesting take on the failure of Republicans to pull off a red tidal wave. Not even, though, Carlson was railing about voter fraud — yet.

What I find alarming is that even without accusations from the defeated candidates and shouts to the rafters that elections were thrown all across the country by the official Republican world, the MAGA base itself is shoveling coal fast and furious into the voter fraud engines to keep that ship afloat.

Far-right users with large followings on Telegram were quick to falsely declare the elections rigged on Tuesday night as vote totals started coming through, and have continued to spread conspiracy theories about the vote (MAGA Internet In Meltdown).

The rightists can’t seem to wrap their heads around how John Fetterman was able to win his election.

“Fetterman? Really?” a QAnon influencer with over 220,000 Telegram followers wrote in a post baselessly claiming that the elections were rigged. “Not even remotely believable, even for normies (MAGA Internet In Meltdown).”



B Kean

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