Russian Collecting Money to Buy Drones Is Hacked

And his money is used to buy hundreds of sex toys

B Kean


Photo by IFONNX Toys on Unsplash

A close friend of the assassinated Vladlen Tatarsky, Mikhail Luchin, had his Aliexpress account hacked by Ukrainian activists. The $25,000 to which they gained access was used to purchase hundreds of sex toys. The dildoes and such is being shipped to Luchin’s home.

The hackers represent a group called Kiber Sprotyv (Cyber Resistance). A representative of the group had this to say:

“He is a war criminal, volunteer, blogger, and now dildo owner,” the hackers said in a statement, publishing screenshots of them using Luchin’s account with AliExpress, a Chinese-run online store. The Ukrainians claimed they bought $25,000 worth of sex toys through Luchin’s account (Dildos Not Drones).

How long Luchin has been collecting money to buy drones for the Russian army is unknown. It seems, however, that after the assassination of his friend Vladlen Tatarsky, donations picked up considerably.

They [Kiber Sprotyv] added that Luchin was now the owner of a “unique” collection of “dicks” worth $25,000, money he was “planning to spend on drones for the Russian army.”

“Now instead of drones, he will have to send trucks full of vibrators, strapons, and other very valuable things for the Russian people (Dildos Not Drones).”

Luchin claims that not all of the money was stolen but the hackers confirmed that the full $25,000 was spent and all of it on the sex toys.

I love this kind of harassment. It would be a great thing if hackers from all over the world started to mess with everyone supporting the war. If you post a pro-Putin or pro-war comment on social medi — bam, your money is gone or comprising photos published. Russians have some of the best hackers, though, and these kinds of antics could get ugly fast.

Nevertheless, it’s a joy seeing these pro-war shitheads getting the payback for which they are long overdue. Not a tear is being shed over the assassination of Tartarsky in the civilized world. It is true, of course, no one wants to see a young person killed but Tatarsky himself has murdered young Ukrainians in the war so there you go. As for Luchin, we can only hope for more such harassment.

Luchin claimed that with his windfall of sex toys, he will open up a sex shop and with the profits buy even more drones. I am sure the hackers will have their eye on him. Let him try.



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