Republican Dysfunction Paralyzes Congress and America…Again

Are we still a shining city on a hill?

B Kean
5 min readSep 23


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Lauren Boebert, one of the more insidious Republicans to be occupying a seat in the House of Representatives, couldn’t stay in her seat at a theater in Denver the other night.

With boobies hanging out, partly due to her date grabbing at them like a hungry puppy, and who, by the way, looked like he had slept in his ill-fitting suit jacket and wrinkled cords, the queen of the flea market offered up the inevitable, “Do you know who I am” as two ushers escorted her. Boebert then decided that, for posterity, she would let the world know — as if there was any doubt — her real IQ: Up went the middle finger.

Courtesy of USA Today

She’s a class act. She’s supposedly representing the interests of working-class Americans from her district. In the meantime, she is giving grief to those same Americans out on a Sunday night, as well as the low-paid employees of the theater. Boebert was seen on video vaping in the theater and waving off a pregnant woman who asked her not to do so; she was then seen “seat dancing,” which I am not sure why was wrong. It was cute, but I would probably not have been so happy if I had been sitting behind her.

Boebert’s time will soon be up, and she’ll soon be back in her little village mocked by the locals. America will quickly forget her, but it is what she stands for that will remain like a stubborn ring around the bathtub. Most Republicans in Congress today are Lauren Boeberts in spirit, if not in deed.

With House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s latest funding plan in ruins and lawmakers leaving town for the weekend, there’s no endgame as hard-right Republicans push dangerously closer to a disruptive federal shutdown.

The Republican McCarthy has repeatedly tried to appease his hard-right flank by agreeing to the steep spending cuts they are demanding to keep the government open. But cheered on by Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner for president in 2024, the conservatives have all but seized control in dramatic fashion (Government Shutdown Risk Spikes).



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