President Obama was and still is for hope and change. What is being missed is that when the entirety of the other party in our two party system spends it every waking moment obstructing anything he offers--including their proposals like in the case of health care reform, God would have failed at the hope and change thing. Then there is the matter of a so-called news organization, and the most-watch one by the way, with their 24/7 narrative zombify more than half of America so they believe everything he says is coming straight from the devil. Obama knows about the failure of snappy slogans. I am a practical progressive and believe in all of the tenets behind the defund the police concept; but as a professional branding and communications person with 25 years experience, I will say that those three words strung together are not helpful. People who become more protective of the words as opposed to what they represent never really believed in what they words meant--confusing, )) Fox watchers aren't the aren't dumb but they are stupid and so we need to ease them to our cause. They love slogans so I am sure a lot of us smart folks writing on Medium could certain come up with a better name.

A writer, a father and a student of history, the past holds the answers to today’s problems. “Be curious, not judgmental,” at least until you have all the facts

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