MAGA Republicans Conduct ‘Citizen Audits’ in California

‘Fraud hunters’ with badges go door-to-door voters to harass voters at their homes

B Kean


Photo by Ling Tang on Unsplash

MAGA Republicans wearing orange vests with badges adorned to them, “Voter Task Force,” are canvassing neighborhoods in Shasta County, California, and harassing would-be voters. There are 111,000 in this part of California.

With official lists from the local election board, they question if all of the residents listed are currently residing at the address. In cases where someone on the list no longer lives there, they demand to know where the person is living. Additionally, they are inquiring about voting histories. It seems they want to know if the person is a reliable patriot, which means they vote Republican; or, someone who votes Democrat and so needs to be watched.

“It’s called a citizen’s audit and we’ve been going out and collecting the evidence that shows there is fraud in our process,” one speaker said. “This is our Tiananmen Square. We’re going to stand in front of the tanks and say no more to the machines (A Madness Has Taken Hold).”

Big lie demands violence

The unproven certainty that voter fraud exists is like an unseen cancer eating away at our democracy. Incapable of functioning productively, these MAGA Republicans excitedly embrace any candidate who says the magic words: Trump was cheated of his victory in 2020. The candidate could be a convicted sex offender but if the Big Lie is supported, then these deranged Americans support the candidate.

Once again, let’s say it: Voter fraud in the United States doesn’t exist. It didn’t happen during 2020 and it won’t happen in 2022.

The fact that it won’t be happening has nothing to do with all of these fascist efforts, and the threats of violence being used by the right to “weed” out the offenders. There are no offenders — there were no offenders. Intimidating voters, however, is voter fraud.

Republicans all across our nation are actively, in small ways, scaring away voters.

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B Kean

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