If Comrade Putin Only Knew What Was Going On

Putin’s support rests mostly in that most Russians don’t blame because they think he is good

B Kean
5 min readNov 30, 2023
Courtesy of Intelligence Resource Program

They say — and thank God I never was able to verify this fact — that for as many stories that this ugly building rises above the ground, that is how many it goes under the earth: Floor after floor is filled with cells, torture chambers, and killing rooms.

The statue in this image, Felix Derzhinksy, no longer stands in the middle of Lyubanka Square. Derzhinsky was the son of a Polish nobleman and founded the secret police for the Bolsheviks. When the Soviet Union fell in 1991, the toppling of this statue was one of the first spontaneous acts committed by a Russian mob. It was one of the first anti-Soviet expressions by the generation leading the country today. Thousands came together to signal to the world that Russia was through with “secret police” and “oppression.” Russians, Moscovites, were declaring that a new era was underway.

Sadly, that “new era” didn’t last long.

It watches the goings-on

After Derzhinsky got the green light from Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet Union’s founding murderer, the secret police called the “Cheka” was set up in that building just off to the right of Red Square if you are…



B Kean

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