I have to disagree with pretty much every thing you write here. As a progressive-liberal, I will say this: AOC has every right to be disgusted, outraged and want to "stomp on the necks" of these two intellectual dwarfs/traitors. Also, the support given to these traitors, especially Joshy, by the rightwing media is vomitous.

However, the airing of grievance by AO, via Twitter seems nothing more than a battle between celebrities, or kids, whose whole-like revolves around social media; and, this is one of the greatest reasons that our elected officials today cannot work across the aisle and get things down a nation stuffed to the gills with a lot of really hurting people.

Personally, I don't care about AOC's hurt-feelings--even if that hurt did come in the form of threats of violence against her that was allegedly inspired by the support of the whining Joshy and the I-wish-I-could-play-Gomez-Adamms-in-the-remake Ted Cruz. AOC has an obligation to her constituents. Since being elected, she has spent more time turning herself into a rallying-point for the rightwing-stupidity and less actually doing the work to get things passed.

When Cruz so bizarrely came out and agreed with her this past week, she could've had a sit-down wiht him and expressed to HIM and not her Twitter followers, how repulsed she was by him. She could have suggested a way forward asking for a public act of contrition from him.

There is simply too much Tweeting for the sake of riling up the followers and getting those small-amount donations and too little actually trying to govern. I look at us progressives as being the people who need to overcome the stupidity; the one who need to bridge the vileness back to the main land of sanity. AOC does not help our cause. Elizabeth Warren, God bless her, gets things done and then Tweets.

Let's not spend 2021 listening to the airing of the hurt feelings of AOC. I know it was scary, but you are an elected official and you do egg them on; and, they are really a bunch of whacked-out-of-their minds, gunned Foxified nut jobs. The question no seems to be asking is: AOC, what the hell else did you expect? Now get over it and govern! Build bridges for the sake of America and not for the receipt of media attention and followers.


A writer, a father and a student of history, the past holds the answers to today’s problems. “Be curious, not judgmental,” at least until you have all the facts

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