I don't really care about Cuomo. I get why the right attacks effective leaders, though. Republican politicians are so corrupt, so against the interests of Main Street, that anytime a Democrat acts responsibly with the interests of the people first and foremost, this set off the whole big, massive propaganda machine--Fox kicks in and attacks, makes up stuff and says: look how he bad he was...GOP politicians just cater to the NRA and pretend to be God-fearing Christians...anyway...minus any GOP/Fox-oriented conspiracy lunacy, name one just one real thing that Cuomo did that upsets you..void of conspiracies and any Trump lies. Anyway...as I said...Happy Holiday-- I know this term upsets the right. Tell me what Cuomo did wrong. I am from NJ and have no dog in that race. I am open to facts not conspiracies and Fox or Trump reality. )

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