I don't care about looking "high and mighty." This is the role of Fox News and Republican politicians. The vast majority of them have Ivy League education and go and talk down to their constituents. How does that help them? You are obviously a Republican and likely a Trump supporter. please name one thing they have done in the past 40 years that has benefitted working Americans? Great job creation--invade and occupy two countries after their ineptitude led us to 9/11.

I always find it so odd that Fox watchers and Trump supporters get angry when facts are used. But, after 24 years of the lies and propaganda of Fox, it is hard to understand where the facts are. You are a bit older than me, I believe, but I am sure you recall the days of the evening news. People disagreed back then but there was a certain civility to it--with the creation of Fox and the right's shredding the laws on donations by corporations to politician, America today more than ever is a fascist-corporatocracy and Fox soothes, or riles up, so-called voters of the Republican Party--you guys repeatedly vote for politicians who always choose to support the super rich. Trump's 2017 tax reform was a disgusting giveaway to the super rich who did stock buybacks, gave themselves bonuses and sent money offshore--how did that help Main Street? Not at all. As to the other comments about "happening in liberal cities," I make it habit not to respond to Trumpisms. Anyhoo. Return to the GOP of Ike/Nixon and Ford and we can talk. GOP since Reagan has been hell-bent on destroying America...and I don't care whether any liberals or progressives agree with me--I read, study, LIVE, THINK and do...when wrong, I admit it. Concerning the GOP, if you know world history, you would know they are nothing less than the Nazi Party in the late 1920's.

A writer, a father and a student of history, the past holds the answers to today’s problems. “Be curious, not judgmental,” at least until you have all the facts

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