Braveheart’s New and Improved Ending is an appropriate response to Mitch McConnell

When the other side cheats over and over and over again, superstitions go out the window

Right now there are eight. 5 true conservatives at this moment, despite Chief Justice Roberts sometimes siding with the just and human. According to the Fibonacci Sequence, 5+8=13. 13 is the number the Democrats should increase the Supreme Court to if the vile Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gets his way and pushes through — “against the will of the American people” — a replacement for the esteemed Justice Ginsburg who passed from our sickening and endless political scrum last night.

I have been living on the 13th floor for the past 13 years — coincidence? No way, Jose. Such an other-worldly message doesn’t present itself in such clear and obvious ways often. Only a fool, or a Fox News watcher, would dare miss such a meaningful sign at this crossroads of history. Let it become the new rallying cry, the call of the sane and patriotic Americans — the mask-wearing ones, I dare say: 13.

Feel it. Whisper it to yourself before falling asleep at night. Sing it in the shower, 13.

Precedent my a**

Mitch McConnell set the precedent when in his most vilest and racist way he uttered to his wife and close associates “I ain’t gonna let that community organizing black kid (I am sure he said some other word) get another justice. He isn’t even a legitimate president!.” Refusing to let a sitting president, with 9 months left in his second term, fill a court vacancy was civilly criminal. Nothing like this had ever been done before and so, McConnell as the Senate Majority leader, set a precedent.

Justice Ginsburg’s brain waves hadn’t even fully shut down yesterday after her heart let forth with its last beat when the honorary Grand Dragon McConnell, hailing from a mystical Kentucky “holla” of yore, declared:

“A vote will be held ASAP, y’all,” I paraphrase.

McConnell, fully aware that what he plans to do goes against his own precedent, was definitely giggling like a 6-year old school-boy after passing gas in a cavernous church. Sipping on a Kentucky Bourbon direct from the most-economically oppressed holla, Justice Ginsburg became for the old queen with his fellow Hydras (assistants to the Grand Dragon) the sweetest old lady in the universe now that she is no more.

McConnell’s lone rationalization, twisted more so than the pretzels I am making today for an Oktoberfest celebration, is that since the “American people” expanded the Senate majority in the 2018 mid-terms then they want him to further aggressively fulfill their (his) agenda. He doesn’t try to too closely to link this agenda to Trump — he’s not that insane — but he does suggest that he is doing the good work of POTUS.

Well, dear Grand Dragon McConnell, this president was recently impeached in the House of Representatives and barely survived a Senate trial. You are vile, sir, and an agent of Russian chicanery — complete radio silence when it was learned Russia was paying bounties for American scalps — and you shall not be mourned. It will be a grand day when the state of Kentucky is finally liberated from your tyranny, sir.

I close my eyes and recall the final scene in the movie Braveheart. William Wallace (Mel Gibson) is lying on podium waiting for the executioner’s ax to fall, to detach his head from body for all of eternity. He looks out at the crowd and cries into the abyss:


A writer, a father and a student of history, the past holds the answers to today’s problems. “Be curious, not judgmental,” at least until you have all the facts

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