Better to Die in Ukraine than from Vodka

With a straight face, Putin tells Russian mothers that they are lucky for their losses

B Kean
4 min readDec 10, 2022


Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash

I wonder if the mothers of the tens of thousands of Russian men killed in Ukraine have any idea just how lucky they are. Vladimir Putin in a meeting held last week with “fake” mothers and televised for all to see, said that the death of a soldier in Ukraine is lucky death — a good one.

“But you know what comes to my mind: we have about 30 thousand people who die in road accidents, about the same number from alcohol. It happens, unfortunately. Life is more complicated than it is written about” Putin said (Putin Compares Death in Ukraine).

As if he was a father telling his kids that even though mommy and daddy still love each other, the time has come to live in separate homes, Putin awkwardly tried to reassure not just the assembled women but the tens of thousands sitting in their homes all across Russia.

“Death is unavoidable,” he told them (except for him, of course). And no matter who you believe in, Christ, Allah, or whomever, an end awaits everyone.

The ignorant Russian masses believe in Putin. Putin is leading them to their deaths and it is a sad spectacle to see such a modern nation succumb to such obvious manipulation.

We are all under the Lord, under Allah, under Christ, I don’t know — everyone who believes in higher powers, it doesn’t matter what religion he adheres to, we are all mortals, we are all under the Lord. “We will all leave the world. It is inevitable. The question is how we lived. Some are leaving (because of) vodka, from something else, whether they lived or not lived is not clear,” Putin said (Putin Compares Death in Ukraine).

Given that Putin answers for everything in Russia, then a Russian citizen with half a brain should ask, “Why are so many Russian mean dying from alcoholism each year?” Isn’t that a problem that the great and mighty Putin should have dealt with years ago?

It should also be noted that a lot more than 30,000 die each year from alcoholism. Around 5000 die each year just from bad, homemade vodka. I drank some of that stuff in a small village in Russia’s south once and it literally almost killed…



B Kean

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