America’s 40-year Apple Pie Recipe

The ingredients for making America’s worst Apple Pie

America is the world’s most powerful nation — for better or worse. America is still the world’s wealthiest, perhaps not in terms of per capita earnings, but in Gross National Product (GNP). America no longer offers the best opportunities to its citizens in comparison to other industrialized nations but it is still a place to which many consider emigrating. America’s quality of life ranking is 15th in the world and it is one of the most violent of industrialized nations.

But let’s forget about those boring statistics for a moment. Among many things that we Americans can do amazingly well, one thing stands out in the attic of “ancient Americana”: America does apples exceptionally well!

Spanning a dozen states, the 2500 different varieties of the little deciduous fruit, the apple, has always been a part of American lore. The original 13 Colonies were all apple producing states and one of the first culinary delights that found a piping hot place in the hearts of those rugged individualists was a freshly-baked apple pie.

Apple pie’s popularity would survive the colonial period and quickly become a part of fledgling country’s “kitchen” as well as embodying a promise to the world. The promise says that despite the country’s reality at any given moment in time, tomorrow Americans would try to make things better than today. Many of us still do try our best, failing at times, to let everyone have a fair shake at moving up, at bettering their lives. And like the amount of effort every American puts into keeping this promise to the world, to ourselves, the offended by our national oversight, each family has its own special way of making hot apple pie.

American as Apple Pie

A person who called “American as apple pie,” is a true-blooded, Constitution-in-the-veins, blue-jean wearing, “justice is blind,” all men are created equal type of person. Right?

Well, the times have certainly changed and those beliefs no longer belong to one of our two political parties and their constituents. There are a lot of our countrymen who don’t really like apple pie much anymore; they don’t find the way the apples ease off the tip of a fork, still warm from the oven, absolutely scrumptious. They don’t marvel at the way the baked apples gel together, committing themselves to a bigger, friendlier, albeit glossy, apple hug thanks to the pectin. The cinnamon to some even seems to be a tad bit too foreign, too real.

Anyhoo, let’s take a look at our time-fermented, as genuine and flawed as America, apple pie recipe. Pour yourself a glass of cooking sherry, ready your measuring cups and spoons and slip into deep thought:

America’s Worst Apple Pie Recipe

  1. Reaganomics — 40 years
  2. Worst income inequality in American history — 30 years
  3. Hubris leading to largest ever terrorist attack (9/11) — 9 months
  4. Two major invasions and occupations — 20 years
  5. Tax-incentives to off-shore America’s middle-class jobs — 35 years
  6. Fox News — 24 years
  7. Big-Box everything takes over American economy — 35 years
  8. Republican Party stopped governing and obstructed everything — 8 years
  9. Republican Party puts tribe ahead of American community — 26 years
  10. Opioid Epidemic — 24 years
  11. Banking reforms that led to collapse of world economy — 8 yearswait 8 years, add 4 more
  12. Accelerated Climate change and 100-year storms every month — 20 years
  13. War on Science — 30 years
  14. Russian election interference — 4 years
  15. Election of an incompetent, morally-corrupted, sexual predator and criminal — 4 years
  16. Complete abdication of Constitutional duties by Republican Congress — 4 years
  17. Corrupting of all government institutions giving rise to authoritarian regime — 4 years
  18. Allying with foreign dictators — 4 years
  19. Betraying traditional allies — 4 years
  20. Department of Justice rubber stamps fascism — 2 years
  21. Domestic terrorists being encouraged by the White House to attack supporters of Democrats — 4 years
  22. Criminal management of a world-wide pandemic — 9 months
  23. President using the White House and all of his power to ensure the first election in American history could be cancelled or deemed illegitimate by an armed minority of the country — 4 months

How you like them apples?

Time to return that piece and start anew

A writer, a father and a student of history, the past holds the answers to today’s problems. “Be curious, not judgmental,” at least until you have all the facts

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