Stumped about what to do with rising sea of radically racist competitors, Fox finds its footing in white nationalism

When Fox News lost its bid for re-election to the White House in November, it was sent adrift in a way no media conglomerate had ever been.

Fox News had become the de-facto cabinet for a sitting president. All an on-air anchor had to do was put out some opinions about US policy, tucked neatly in between a couple layers of obeisance for Trump, and the next day — maybe even that day by lunch — those ideas would become Trumpian Tweets.

The election, however, perplexed Fox. Adrift for a few days, and coming under intense friendly fire from the…

How will they rebuild themselves, will they try and who would believe them anyway?

It wasn’t my brain that came up with this idea of a deceased Donald Trump. It was actually the Donald who planted the seed.

Reading an article about Republican nervousness of a Trump run in 2024, Lindsey Graham said the president would only run if he felt his health was good enough. And then it dawned on me — what if Trump doesn’t make it to 2024? What if he doesn’t make it to next week?

The majority of Republicans have not just thrown in their hat with Trump, they have sold their souls to him. They have absorbed his…

To begin to understand ‘how did we get a Trump,” historians should start with the DeVos and Van Andel MLM brainchild

Historians will be pondering for years, how did the phenomenon of Donald Trump happen in the United States. Many will look to the end of the actual years of Trump, and at the most extreme elements of his following, and say it was all based on racism. Others will look at the incongruity of the support evangelicals gave to a man who openly bragged about physically dominating women he wanted to be intimate with — whether they wanted it or not.

Trying to understand Trump cannot rely solely on the Trump years; rather, we need to understand what happened over…

Stifled at least for now, the puppets get their strings tangled up a bit

The hacks are already saying that Speaker Pelosi’s gambit may prove to be a fatal mistake for the political fortunes of the Democrats in the 2022 mid-terms.

Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was asked to seat Republicans on the 1/6 commission. Three of his picks were accepted and then he reached into his Weimar Republic bags of tricks and, paying homage to Adolf Hitler’s trial from the Landsberg prison in 1924, he chose two known fascists: Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jim Evans (R-IN).

To the political hacks worrying about whether this was the right move or not, I ask, please…

It was 1977 the last time ‘they’ cared a lick about working Americans

The weakness of Jimmy Carter’s presidency was blamed on his being a “process president.”

“Process President” — using a definition by Aaron Wildavsky and Jack Knott — means that Carter places “greater emphasis on methods, procedures and instruments for making policy than on the content of policy itself (Why He Failed).”

And nevertheless, they, the Republicans, still respected his position and even tried to work with him.

Joe Biden is not a process president. He is a man with a vision. He is a patriot who gets it when it comes to the suffering, the hardship working Americans feel today…

The culpability of Fox News should be, if not criminally investigated, then at least recorded for history

The photo here shows too men very much in love. The love is not for their constituents or viewers, however. It is a love for self. It’s all about me — the rest of them be damned, or infected. This love has made them culpable for hundreds of thousands more deaths than was necessary during this pandemic.

One of them just broke character and thought for a second about his viewers. The other one will not take kindly to that act of “so-it’s-not-all-about-me-after all-ness.” Maybe the warnings coming from Mitt Romney were heard:

At a hearing before the Senate health…

What takes place in airplanes these days is a reason most people should never be allowed to travel to space

In the not so long ago past, people actually dressed up to fly on airplanes. My first flight to Europe was a reason for my mother to take out to the Steinbach’s department store where we picked out my “for the airplane outfit.”

It was 1984 and so I had a pair of too-expensive for our budget Ocean Pacific white pants and a cool white, pull-over shirt. By the standards of the day, I was styling to say the least (when I look back now, the whiteness of my outfit makes me cringe).

Heading off on an exchange program to…

He is methodical and he’s winning

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The time has come when we must stop the slow roll down the hill into chaos. We must stop the recently-deposed president of the United States, Donald Trump. We must stop the machine now grinding forward in overdrive, paving a one-way street over our increasingly-frail democracy.

From that so very forgettable moment when he descended the escalator in the tower bearing his name, Trump has slowly, but surely chipped away at the institutions that had for nearly three centuries created a buffer for us — we genuinely seemed fascism-proof.

And yet, four and half…

Rightwingers are the least informed but the smartest people in any room

It must be so stress-free having all of the answers. I would venture that it might even be a bit intoxicating. If you happen to be a of certain political persuasion, then you are one of the lucky ones — you know everything; and, even more heady is that what you don’t know, doesn’t matter at all — it’s completely and utterly irrelevant.

Willful ignorance is freedom. Always being in the moment, the certainty that actions don’t have consequences enables the willful one to just do, say, even believe whatever they want without fear of a bad outcome — what…

Cottony and tasteless or juicy and red, each one is an adventure into the unknown

Summer just isn’t summer without the anxious wait for watermelons. They are kind of like the cool kids showing up, finally the party can begin — or at least it can be considered a party.

Beginning around April, when the first ones from Pakistan make their entrance into the farmer’s markets, I venture an eighth of one— sweet, juicy, the Pakistan watermelon seldom let’s me down.

But these early-bird melons are by no means of the summer variety. Scarfed down in a frenzy of slurping, oohing and ahhing, this particular gigantic berry merely relieves me of the pent-up demand caused…

B Kean

The past holds the answers to today’s problems. “Be curious, not judgmental,” at least until you have all the facts. Think and stop watching cable news.

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